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GMEO Case Study

Case Study: Study Abroad Program in China

Go East Young Man (and Woman)

Inspired by the Obama Administration’s “100,000 Strong Initiative” to send 100,000 American students to China, the founders of Global Maximum Educational Opportunities, Inc. (G-MEO) created a Study Abroad Program in China (SAPIC) to encourage American students who are not China scholars or Chinese language speakers to study in China in diverse fields of study and earn credits toward their degrees, all with a low-barrier-to-entry fee structure.

A start-up, G-MEO needed to quickly develop credibility in both America and China with educators, government agencies, students and the parents who must entrust their children to unfamiliar universities half a world away. G-MEO approached Blue Iceberg in mid-January when many of the program details were not confirmed, yet the website needed to be ready by the end of March in time for students to enroll for Fall 2013 classes.

Create a brand identity with a distinct Chinese personality and emphasis on practical career goals to distinguish G-MEO from their more-established generalist competitors.

A website structured to expand as new universities and programs are brought into the program. Vivid photography of China evokes the excitement and romance of studying in an exotic location. Modern facilities are shown in a picture slide show for parental reassurance. Seamless integration with G-MEO’s curriculum databases and the on-line application process emphasize the program’s goal: to boost students’ career prospects by enhancing their degrees. Word and PowerPoint templates, a brochure, social media strategy and an email design provide G-MEO with the tools to build communities and market their programs to administrators, students and universities.