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Hungry Penguin iPhone Game

Our tuxedoed friend, the Adélie Penguin, must eat enough krill, fish and squid for himself and his hungry chick back in the nest. Each day he needs to catch and carry about 2.2 pounds of dinner. He feeds by swimming under the ice and catching his prey one at a time in his bill and then swallowing them whole. Make sure he doesn't go hungry!

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Blue Iceberg has developed this game as a fun reminder that everyday choices make a difference. By reducing our consumption of fossil fuel energy, we can help stop the earth from warming.

Since 1979, more than 29% of the polar ice, which helps regulate the Earth's climate, has melted away. In the Antarctic region, penguins that depend on sea ice to survive and breed are at risk. Researchers have predicted that the population of Emperor penguins, the world's largest penguins, could decline by 95% or more by the year 2100. And Adélies, could disappear from the Antarctic's northwestern peninsula in just a few decades.