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September 10, 2014

Blue Iceberg launches

Octavian Report

The Octavian Report is a new exclusive publication featuring opportunities, analysis and ideas from the world’s leading investors, statesmen, thinkers and experts. Their bimonthly newsletter covers markets, geopolitics, business, culture and investment ideas with interviews, briefings and contributions in a clear, concise format. Its launch issue included interviews and contributions from Vice President Dick Cheney, Prime Minister José María Aznar, economist Nouriel Roubini, Commerce Secretary Mickey Kantor, best-selling historian David Nasaw, film critic Jeffrey Lyons, a credit short to hedge Vladimir Putin‘s geopolitical ambitions, security expert Dee Smith and Middle East expert Steven Cook, whose article on the rise of the Emirates was selected by the Aspen Institute as a “Top Idea.”

Blue Iceberg provided digital strategy services, design and development resources and oversaw design and development of the site.