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Insights and strategy to reach your business goals

Blue Iceberg is a digital consultancy that helps our clients by defining strategic business goals and the digital initiatives that help them achieve them. We are a consulting firm whose end product is a series of digital initiatives that produce results. Unlike an agency, we are aligned with our clients and focused on their long-term objectives, not on tactical short-term initiatives.

Clients tell us we capture the essence of their brands because we “get” their businesses. Unlike many others in the field, we’ve been on the client side, at blue chip Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller manufacturing companies. We know what it’s like to run a P&L and to worry about making customers happy. Our real world experience means we immerse ourselves in your business and become your partner, we’re not just outsiders who deliver a report or a website and then leave. By strategically combining insights with digital, we create digital and mobile engagements that deliver results.

Effective digital strategy delivers business results

Digital strategy must dovetail with a company’s goals and its customers’ needs and preferences. In turn, successful web initiatives will influence business practices.

Blue Iceberg’s integrated team immerses itself in our clients’ businesses—online and offline across all customer touchpoints—to uncover insights, identify issues, align objectives and develop digital strategies and marketing solutions that are right-sized for the organization’s needs.

Our strategic methodology and services include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Needs Assessment
  • Content Strategy
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Development and launch of digital initiatives
  • Ongoing marketing

Effective mobile engagement enhances relationships with your customers

Nowadays, mobile is everything. What’s the first thing you grab in the morning? Your smartphone. What’s the last thing you look at in the evening? Your smartphone.

Customers expect brands to address their needs with real-time relevance. Brands must respond by delivering personalized experiences of contact and interaction.

Blue Iceberg uses an integrated suite of power tools for you to engage your customers on mobile; to map the interactions with your customers and build a unique Mobile Customer Journey for each and every customer. The mobile engagements we create move the needle and generate sales and profits for your business.

We sometimes say “No”

We’ve heard horror stories about how clients working with agencies have pursued projects that lasted more than a year, cost more than 7 figures, and ended up being shut down because they were just wrong. We don’t do that. We’re proud of the times when we said say “No” to our clients and killed projects that we didn’t think would work, or proposed a cheaper, phased approach rather than an expensive, monolithic megaproject that would have produced revenue for us but no results for the client. We always put our clients’ needs first and we’re free from financial constraints that would result in conflicts of interest, unlike larger firms that are owned by holding companies and under considerable financial pressure. In this way, our work is aligned with our clients’ goals and produces the best results, both in terms of the business and financially. That’s a rare trait in today’s high-pressure world, and that’s why our client relationships usually last for years.

Engaging online experiences sustain your brand and build your business

Our team has worked together for many years, and we aren’t just a team cobbled together on an ad hoc basis. We engage audiences, finding that harmonious concurrence between insights, strategy, informative content, arresting visuals, appropriate use of technology and a seamless interaction between visitor and brand.

Blue Iceberg’s strategists, information architects, copywriters, designers, developers, usability experts and project managers work with each client to convey its brand’s essence while keeping strategic business goals and customers front and center. When appropriate, we help our clients plan and build web applications that enable business processes to move online. The result: digital experiences that are arresting, practical, and deliver results.

We are good team players who work well with senior executives, in-house teams, and outside agencies. We’re good at explaining complex technical issues in layman’s terms, acting as guides in the digital jungle. We don’t have all the answers—things move too quickly today for anybody to have all the answers—but we know how to ask the right questions. We have deep knowledge and understanding of big-picture strategic issues in mobile and digital, are experienced with pragmatic details of tactical deployment, and are expert at “connecting the dots” between strategy, tactics and execution.

Our job is to ensure our clients’ success. We are not in love with technology. We are in love with what technology can do for your business.

If you’d like to discuss what we can do for you, contact us.