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Blue Iceberg:Growth helps innovative companies accelerate business growth using the internet as a strategic business tool.

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Blue Iceberg:Growth (BI:G) was created to incubate startups and address the unique challenges faced by growth companies. We help our clients address three tasks critical to success:

  1. Make the case to secure financing
  2. Developing product and go to market
  3. Build the brand to increase awareness, convert customers, and grow revenue

Team: Our BI:G team has a track record of launching products and companies. We bring a wide range of management experience operating service, technology and manufacturing businesses, as well as agency, major brand, and digital marketing backgrounds. BI:G delivers the perfect combination of resources for clients ready to invest for growth.

Process: Each BI:G assignment starts with a strategic evaluation of the business and the market opportunity. If these meet our engagement criteria, we formulate an action plan. We are structured to accommodate the realities of working with growing businesses—inadequate staffing, changing market conditions, not enough hours in the day, and no time to waste.

Clients: We partner with growth companies who have established a unique value proposition and now are seeking greater acceleration. BI:G thrives on speed, flexibility, and creativity within a strategic and pragmatic context: all of the things an emerging company needs to become an established company and position itself to defend its market in order to achieve a successful exit.

How We Do It

1. Craft a business case to secure funding.
Refine the business model • articulate unique selling proposition • determine market strategy

2. Develop an action plan for growth.
Formulate brand strategy • identify customers • analyze competitive marketplace • determine communication plan and timeline • define interactive strategy • improve user interface and experience

3. Build a sustainable brand and drive sales.
Develop marketing plan • create brand identity system • complete web design and development • develop and facilitate media plan • design and execute digital marketing plan • design and execute integrated marketing plan and companion materials

If you'd like to discuss how we can help your company grow to the next level, contact us.