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October 26, 2023

Full Speed Ahead for Blue Iceberg:Growth Incubator Company Flippit

Flippi(SM) is an early stage start-up rolling out a new category of service for air travelers: an in-airport patent-pending system that uses mobile technologies to allow air travelers to send prohibited items to themselves quickly and securely rather than surrender them at security checkpoints. Flippit was hatched and incubated through BI:Growth, is now live in many airports, and is expanding nationwide rapidly.

Every day at airport security checkpoints around the world, thousands of air travelers surrender personal possessions they forgot to take out of their carry-ons or didn’t know were prohibited onboard aircraft. The experience of giving up important belongings still bothers them today, no matter how long ago it occurred, and it contributes to the stress of going through security for passengers, TSA officers and airport management alike.

Flippit’s patent-pending “quick-drop” system uses smartphone technology to make the process quick and easy: travelers complete the transaction at any time after security—no paper forms to fill out, no app to download, no account, username or password. We charge a flat fee anywhere in the U.S., insured and tracked. Watch Flippit's 1-minute video:

Flippit was incubated through Blue Iceberg:Growth and launched as an independent corporation in January 2022. Using the best of mobile technology and built by the BI tech team, Flippit is live in multiple airports on the East Coast and is negotiating with airports large and small nationwide.